Garage Cleanout Services

If your car could talk, it would probably tell you how disappointed it is. But, thanks to our garage junk removal experts, you’ll be able to get rid of that clutter fast and make plenty of room for your vehicle again.


It’s also common knowledge that whether your space is clean or not can affect your mood. So don’t set yourself up for failure with a pessimistic beginning each and every day when you set foot in your garage full of junk. With garage cleanout services from Kitsap Junk Removal, we’ll be sure to help you start your day the right way! Best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger during your appointment. Isn’t full-service junk removal nice?

Why Our Garage Cleanouts?

We’re a full-service junk removal business that’s all about picking up and hauling away unwanted items for our clients. Whether your garage is small or large, slightly cluttered or completely filled with junk, we’ll be able to set it straight. Additionally, we’re comitted to saving you time and money! We always provid e you with a free estimate before we begin loading your junk into our truck. We arrive on time, get the job done fast, and get out of your hair.

After your appointment is over, where does all that garage junk go? While some of those larger companies would dump it all in a landfill and call it a day, Kitsap Junk Removal goes the extra mile. We’ll be sure to sort any recyclables into a separate part of our truck so we can take them to a recycling facility. Additionally, any items that could potentially be reused will be dropped off at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore or other local donation facility. We put in the effort to be eco-friendly because cleaning up a garage shouldn’t mean trashing the environment.

The Garage Cleanout Process

  1. We’ll call you when we’re about 15 minutes away from your property!
  2. Upon arrival, you can open the garage up for us and let us know about everything that has to go. Then, approve our upfront service quote, and we’ll begin our work.
  3. Cleaning out a garage is tough work, but we’ll make it look easy. We’ll whisk away the junk one armful after another, then sweep up the floor to bring it all together.
  4. How does it look? Are you completely satisfied with our work? If so, we’ll ask for your payment, say goodbye, then hop in our truck and move on to our next destination.

Need Us to Remove Appliances from the Garage?

It’s not uncommon for people to keep their freezer in the garage. It’s a great way to save on kitchen space. Additionally, we’ve also seen people who store their washing machine and dryer in the garage. This isn’t a bad idea—until either appliance breaks down or needs to be replaced for some other reason. When we’re cleaning out garages, we are happy to help with the removal of these appliances. Just because they’re heavy doesn’t mean we are going to surrender. Instead, we’ll have multiple team members lift it up, carefully guide it to our truck, and load it up.

Even if the old appliances in your garage are still functioning, we’ll take those, too! We pride ourselves on providing eco-friendly services, so your items never end up in a landfill if they don’t require disposal. Recycling old appliances that no longer have a purpose is much easier than tossing them. Whether you have a wash, dryer, or deep freezer, you can count on Kitsap Junk Removal to safely haul it out of your garage for you! Our prices are volume-based, so you’ll only pay for the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck, and that’s it!

About Us

Kitsap Junk Removal isn’t just a junk removal business. We’re also a stress removal business. If you’ve given yourself a headache by fretting over a cluttered garage too much, it’s time to put a stop to that. Contact us, and you can schedule a same-day or next-day appointment. You’ll be impressed by how well we work, and you’ll never choose a franchise over a local business like Kitsap Junk Removal ever again.

Garage Junk We Take

Car Parts
Yard Equipment
Cardboard Boxes
Plastic Bins
Barbecue Grills
Old Decorations
Clothes and Toys

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • review rating

    I could not praise Joel and his team enough. They did a huge job for us last minute, professional and just decent folks.

    Great value, no hidden fees and great communication.

  • review rating

    Joel is very professional. He was very flexible about scheduling. He texted us that he was leaving for our house and arrived at the agreed upon time. He was very careful about getting his truck and trailer down our very narrow lane. Joel was very careful at not hitting our walls and doors when taking things out of our house. He was super helpful at removing the hardware that was bolted to the floor for our queen size Murphy bed, as well as disassembling a big recliner. His pricing is very reasonable and he’s a hard worker. We will definitely be hiring his company again, and would recommend him to family and friends. In addition to all the above, he’s a really nice guy!

    James Polus
  • review rating

    Joel was wonderful to work with. He was very professional, efficient and best of all honest. Some of these other junk hauling places will charge you over the quote just because they can. With kitsap Junk you actually pay for what he hauls not what he quotes. I will definitely be calling them again.

    Katie The Loss Boss
  • review rating

    I am incredibly thankful I found Kitsap Junk Removal and had the pleasure of working with them for the past couple months. I had a unique junk removal situation and Joel and his team worked with me to get it taken care of. They showed up every week, twice a week, and completely took care of everything I needed and more. They were amazingly communicative, very professional, and really went above and beyond. Its very rare to find such a great company to work with. I would suggest them to anyone and everyone for any junk removal needs.

    Kayla Joyce
  • review rating

    Joel was very professional and quick to respond. I had an appointment time within days of my late night inquiry. The fee for the excellent service was very affordable.

    Chris Maupin
  • review rating

    Joel was amazing and very professional and offers outstanding rates, he is extremely polite and a very hard and dedicated worker. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs this service!!!

    Irritable moose
  • review rating

    We moved out to Port Orchard and couldn’t seem to keep up on the amount of trash needing to be taken away. Luckily, this was just the company to call. Friendly, personable, genuine service. I love that they use 3rd party ways of payment instead of having to hand your card over or use their phone to enter your info. You do it all yourself with no contact as it should be. If I ever need trash services again, I know the company I’ll chose. Thank you again <3

    Kaitlin Baker
  • review rating

    Great guy! The service was prompt and I highly recommend his services!

    Joana Cook
  • review rating

    If getting rid of junk is your goal, you should definitely call Joel!! I’m still absolutely blown away by his professionalism, punctuality, friendliness, and most of all…he was blazing fast!

    After spending over a decade in the Navy, my family of 5 had acquired a bunch of…well, junk, that had moved from garage to garage. We finally found the culmination of our career in relocation stacked up in our garage, unable to get ahead of it. Amazingly, Joel took care of a decade of stuff in less than an hour…even swept the garage afterwards. First time we’ve been able to park both cars in there for a loooooong time. Thanks, Joel!!

  • review rating

    They answered right away and came by within an hour to remove my trash. Affordable, quick, and professional.

    Heaven’s Best Puyallup


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